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KNOWLEDGE BEANS -19 a huma n r e s ou r c e news l e t t e r feb 2010

Highlights of this issue - This Knowledge Beans publication is packedwith fresh OD seasonings - Payal Methi pens a column on corporate social responsibility

BILDUNG Demystifying Organizational Development

Bildung is of German origin and does not have a literal English rendition. There have been multitude interpretations of Bildung in the history of German philosophy. It is oriented towards a model of balance and perfection. Bildung is much more than just ‘education’; it can also mean ‘shaping’,‘creation’,‘formation’,‘civilization’ or ‘foundation’.

There is a certain end to education – one seeks education to achieve a certain goal. Hence, it is equivalent to training.

Bildung on the other hand, is not restricted by a definite goal orientation, nor is it passive. It is never - ending, a striving for completion. Furthermore, there is no criterion to indicate that the process of Bildung is accomplished – as it has no intrinsic or predetermined end. Similarly, in the case of organizations, there is no measure to state whether an organization is developed or organizational development (OD) is achieved. So what has Bildung to do with Organizational Development? OD should remain an ongoing process, a journey towards excellence and not just success. The challenges in this process will be easier to endure if the organization is ready to embrace the ever evolving learning curve. Bildung in this sense is a pro - active approach, anticipating the organizational needs as well as the needs of the environment for the sake of development. Atyaasaa recently organized ‘Bildung – The Organizational Development Conference’ on January 13th, 2010 at Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu Beach, Mumbai. This event was a forum to engage industry connoisseurs’ strategic intelligence real time to create unique OD practices.The objective was to facilitate the exchange of knowledge of OD veterans. Starting from this issue of Knowledge Beans, we will give you a glimpse of the key learning’s from the experiences shared by various seasoned OD professionals during the conference.

the editor’s column Reema Malik

Reema Malik is a qualified management graduate specialising in International Business. She endeavours to incorporate her erudition to people development by virtue of her cognizance and a cosmopolitan milieu. This special edition on Bildung has been brought to you to underline the relevance of creating unique organizations by committing to growth. Unless organizations orchestrate change, momentum will prevail and the system will continue to do what it has always done, get what it has always gotten. We also have a write up on corporate social responsibility to examine the benefits that organizations can avail of by demonstrating socially responsible behaviour.

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