Fairmont Festive Seasons 2022

7 | Fairmont Festive Season 2022

F E S T I V E S E A SON F R I DAY BRUNCH Gather friends and family for a sumptuous festive-themed buffet brunch at CuiScene, MPW, or Marco’s and Bridges Bar. The perfect way to celebrate Christmas Eve, you’ll be spoilt for choice with delicious dishes from a multitude of stations, including our chilled Seafood Bar; Mazaj Station; Roast, Carving & Turkey Stations; Marco’s Station, featuring risotto, pasta and pizza; and Café Sushi station, featuring Maki rolls, Sushi and Sashimi. Each restaurant will showcase their signature dishes on live stations. For that Friday brunch feel you’ll also be able to enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, live entertainment, and a special visit from Santa, who will bring goody bags for the kids.

AED 249 per person with soft beverages and water. AED 347 person with free flowing hops and grapes. AED 649 per person with free flowing champagne. 50% discount for kids under 12 years. Prices are inclusive of taxes and service charge.

Bookings should be made with the restaurant or Restaurant Concierge. 24th December 2021, 12.30pm to 4pm.

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