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Nov 2017

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Two Months Later

house basically turned into an oven. I made sure to stay grateful as I waited for the power to be fixed, reminding myself how much worse the storm could have been for us and how lucky we were.

Though we’ve mostly recovered by now, the community of Fort Myers is still reeling in some ways from the impact of Hurricane Irma. Look around and you can still see scars left behind by the storm: the lingering stumps of trees snapped from the wind, damaged homes still waiting for repair, and, of course, the memories of that crazy experience some of us are still processing. I hesitate to say we were exactly “lucky” after the Category 3 hurricane, but it could have been much worse. For me, the worst part was the anticipation — constantly checking all the sites for the latest updates, reading the overblown responses on social media, and watching many friends pack up and leave town. Even as Irma rolled in, the question remained, “Should I have left?” I wondered whether we had made the right decision. It wasn’t until the storm passed, and we realized how much smaller than expected the damage had been, that I breathed a sigh of relief.

After about a week of this, I noticed an electrical crew working a few blocks down the road and decided to flag them down. They were all incredibly friendly, nice guys. When I explained my situation, they sprang into action almost immediately. They drove down to the transformer outside the house and fixed the problem in less than five minutes — apparently it was just missing a single, tiny part. Without them, I’m pretty sure it would have been another week before we had the power up and running. Of course, that’s just one story among many of our community’s kind and generous spirit. The storm really brought out the best in people. Whether it was the four guys that helped put up shutters on my home, or the hundred volunteers that cleaned up both our church and my kids’ school, it was heartening to see everyone come together to help. As Thanksgiving approaches, it has me thinking about how fortunate my family and I truly are. I’m so grateful Fort Myers didn’t take a direct hit from a Category 5 hurricane. My business recovered pretty easily and is going strong once again. But, most of all, I’m glad that everyone I know is safe and sound, allowing us to put Hurricane Irma behind us.

After the rain stopped, I think most of us could breathe a little easier. Even so, it was tough to get back to business as usual. Within four or five days, the power was back on at VanDyk Mortgage and we tentatively returned for work. Still, few of us had power at our own homes. The lack of air conditioning in the sweltering heat, not to mention the post-storm stress, made for a slightly cranky work atmosphere. We had no power at my house for seven days. The grid for our neighborhood went back up after about three, so most of our neighbors were able to crank up their AC, lights, and internet. But the transformer right outside our house had been damaged, leaving our home and a couple others in the dark. In the sweltering heat, the

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