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Every year, my family has a big gathering to celebrate the Fourth of July. It’s a pretty big event for the kids, as they don’t usually get together often. Addysen has a bunch of cousins around the same age, so she gets to spend a lot of time with them during these parties. Our family’s fireworks parties are excellent opportunities for the whole family to get together and catch up during the summer. A 4TH OF JULY TRADITION WITH FIREWORKS Since we generally have multiple fireworks parties, it can be difficult to plan around everyone’s schedule. For that reason, we won’t usually gather on Independence Day, especially when it lands on a weekday. We split the two or three parties between my home and the other families’ houses so everyone has a chance to play host, and it doesn’t fall on one family to cook and entertain. Our party usually includes a large cookout during the day while everyone waits for it to get dark. As the grill master, I tend to smoke some pulled NOT ONCE BUT TWICE A YEAR!

pork or cook up some ribs. The pulled pork is what I’m famous for — everyone loves it. It takes a lot of time — sometimes all night — to make sure the meat turns out alright. After everyone has eaten, we wait for the sun to go down, and then we settle in front of the house and start our fireworks show. In the past couple of years, we haven’t been as into setting off fireworks as we have been in the past. Many of the adults used to go all- out each year — it may be that the parents are getting older and smarter. Lately, the adults and kids have been more interested in seeing the large fireworks show around Hinton. Seeing the fireworks displayed in the city by professionals is also one of the safest ways to enjoy them. In fact, many fireworks safety organizations encourage people to go to these displays rather than using consumer fireworks at home.

safety measures beforehand. At our family shows, we always have a bucket full of water at hand to put the disposed fireworks materials into after they’ve been used. Another important rule we follow is to guarantee the status of the fireworks we’re using — they should be legal, but keep in mind that just because they’re legal doesn’t mean that safety is guaranteed. It’s also vital that a sober adult supervises the process of lighting the fireworks, and if children are present, they should be kept under constant vigilance. Celebrating the Fourth of July is a big deal for my family and me, and it’s always a pleasure to celebrate it in Hinton. Hinton has a large celebration through the city, complete with a band, fireworks display, and an event where kids can decorate their bikes in red, white, and blue. Addysen has entered every year and plans to enter again this year. Last year, she had a lot of fun decking out her bike and riding it around with the other kids.

If you’re determined to have a fireworks show at home, it’s important to take the appropriate

I hope that your Fourth of July is delightful and filled with fireworks, great food, and most importantly, family.


-Dustin L. Compton

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