Where else but on a barrier island sanctuary would you find one of Florida’s top sanctuaries for the care and rehabilitation of wildlife? That’s the story and mission of Sanibel Island’s CROW.

This Monday was a little slow at the clinic. Early afternoon, and only one patient had been admitted—a pelicanwith a somewhat severe “hook and line” issue that ultimately required x-rays. But for the non-profit organization known as CROW — the acronym for Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife — slow is a good thing, when you average between 3,000 to 4,000 admissions each year.

Dr. Heather Barron serves as Hospital Director at CROW, and island wildlife are lucky to have her. One of only 200 boarded specialists in avian medicine, Barron brings both years of tenured university-level teaching experience in zoological medicine and surgery (read: not your average dog and cat vet) — as well as six years of unique, on- the-job experience as Medical Director for the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm and Wildlife Rescue — which makes CROW the only wildlife medical


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