The Source, our Annual Review 2019

‘we inspire and mobilise society to safeguard and restore wetlands for people and nature’ to reflect better the role that the network plays. On recommendation of the Super- visory Council and Board of Association, the General Mem- bers Meeting in December endorsed these key changes. The Supervisory Council also supported the set-up of a new network management team, including heads of offic - es, and the recruitment of two new functions: Director for Operations and Network Development, and Director for Resources Directors in the global office. We know that the personal capacities and dedication of our staff is our great - est asset. During the year we were fortunate to welcome Carlos Saavedra, Maggie White and Hastings Chikoko as new members of the Supervisory Council and Board of Associ- ation bringing with them many years of high-level work in the conservation, development and water arenas. Inevita- bly we also said goodbye to our friends Dan Martin, Gonza- lo Castro, and Eduard Ayensu who completed their terms as members. Their wise counsel, enthusiasm for wetlands and good spirits will be missed. We are all looking forward to the coming decade of action in which we all do our utmost to safeguard and restore wet- lands for people and nature.

The Supervisory Council and Board of Association met twice in full session during the year, once in the Nether- lands in June and a second time in Kerala, India, at the invi- tation of Wetlands International South Asia in November. In Kerala we saw the crucial importance of the coastal la- goon systems in protecting settlements against sea level rise and in reducing the impact of inland flooding that result from heavy monsoon rains. We discussed with local stakeholders the challenges of accommodating a growing population in this coastal zone and the opportunity that nature tourism provides. Kerala offered an amazing mix of sensations, including the calmness of a boating trip on the Kerala backwaters and an inspiring climb to the Jatayu Rock that showed the interconnectedness of nature, mythological history and art. I was proud to see the crucial and respected role our South Asia team plays in India in many wetland management plans. We also met the South Asia Board and exchanged experiences and ideas for the development of Wetlands International in the region and globally. The revision of the Wetlands International strategic intent for the period 2020-2030 was a key item in 2019 involving consultations and inputs from around the network and a wide range of stakeholders. It was also an important year in that the Wetlands International mission was changed to,

Wetlands International Management Team (MT) and Supervisory Council (SC), from left to right: Hasting Chikoko (SC), Richard Holland (MT), Ron van Leeuwen (MT), Jane Madgwick (MT), Eliot Taylor (SC), Kazuaki Hoshino (SC), André van der Zande (SC), Angelique van de Beeten (SC).


It is the job of the Supervisory Council and Board of Association to oversee and guide implementation of the strategic intent, the annual plan and budget, membership relations, finance and risk management, and CEO performance. Although a seemingly dry list of responsibilities, being a member is a rich experience that enables us to see projects, to manage and restore wetlands at first hand, to meet people who benefit from healthy wetlands, and to interact with staff and stakeholders around the world. As Chair since 2015 I have seen a remarkable progress in how the organisation performs. Our network is developing fast and we are seizing opportunities to scale-up the impact of our work.

Wetlands International Supervisory Council and Management Team meet fishers at the coast of the local community in Kerala, India. From left to right Prof J K Garg (Treasurer, Wetlands International South Asia Society), Dr Sidharth Kaul (President), Prof C K Varshney (Member, Governing Body), Prof E J James (member, Governing Body) and Ritesh Kumar (Director, South Asia).



Wetlands Annual Review 2019

Wetlands Annual Review 2019

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