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Global Office Staff

Wetlands International has a highly professional and motivated group of staff in its global office. We are proud to have staff who are passionate about our mission. This section provides insight into our global office staff and human resource practices throughout 2019. Diversity Our staff has a diverse educational, cultural, and profes - sional background, which matches with our role as an international NGO. This diversity enables us to learn from each other and to shape our international programmes to create more impact. In December 2019, the number of global office staff was 39. During the year we had staff with 12 different nationalities, an average age of 46 years and a balanced male/female ratio of 46/54. Employment contracts Our policy is to give new staff two fixed-term contracts of 12 months each to ensure a good match between the job and the new employee, as well as to provide some neces- sary flexibility. After a fixed term contract(s), employees who perform well are offered a permanent job. Due to the number of new staff starting in 2019, the number of per - manent contracts reduced to 19. In 2019 the number (on average) of full-time staff (26) was the same as the number of staff working part-time (13). Incoming and outgoing employees In December 2019 the organisation had 39 employees, an increase of one over the previous year. There were howev- er many staff changes with 15 new employees joining the

organisation and 11 leaving. This meant in 2019 a transi- tion of 30% of our staff. We held exit interviews with staff leaving so as to ensure we learn from the experience and to improve the work environment. Lessons learned includ- ed increasing the clarity about job content, expectations, decision making, and sharing feedback on a regular basis. Rewarding practices The salary scale of Wetlands International is based on an average of the organisations involved in the Partos bench- mark (2008). The scales are adjusted up to 2% annually, considering inflation (Netherlands consumer price index) and the organisation’s financial position. Scales within the grade are defined by years of relevant experience in a role and/or in combination with experience gained in previous positions. Health We pursue an active policy to ensure staff take regular leave to keep a healthy balance between work and home. As a result, we hardly have any long-term absences. Our short-term sick leave percentage for 2019 was 1.7%. Integrity Wetlands International has a Code of Conduct that applies to all staff. This is the basis for a safe working environment in which staff are free to be themselves, act with integrity and transparency, and where there is zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour, such as intimidation or sexual harassment. In 2019 the external Person of Trust reported two cases that were addressed satisfactorily and closed.





STAFF NUMBERS total: 39 fte: 33.7

CONTRACT TYPE permanent: 19 fixed time: 17 project: 3

part-time: 26 full-time: 13

HEALTH short-term sick leave 1,7%



Wetlands Annual Review 2019

Wetlands Annual Review 2019

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