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If I had to describe my mother in one word, it would be tenacious. From well before I was born to this very day, she has met challenge after challenge head-on, rolling up her sleeves and doing the impossible. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I can’t help but reflect on this incredible woman and the ways she inspires me to this day. To leave your home for a foreign country takes courage and drive (two attributes my mother has in spades). Originally from Ensenada, Mexico, she dared to dream of giving her family a better life. Just before I was born, my parents started the process of legally immigrating to the United States. They faced many roadblocks along the way, but once my mother sets her mind to something, she doesn’t stop until she makes it a reality. This tenacity to get the job done has certainly rubbed off on me. Earning a clinical doctorate in physical therapy and becoming a business owner takes a lot of perseverance. Thankfully, whenever I set out to do something, I can’t help but buckle down and get it done; that’s just the way I was raised. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit my mother’s attention to detail. Having worked in a receiving department overseeing computer parts, she thrived on the precision the job required. In all aspects of her life, she never fails to miss the small things. When my siblings and I had school events we had to dress up for, she’d drive all over town until we had the exact outfits we needed. When holidays rolled around, she would leave no stone unturned until she found the perfect decorations. Even today, when my parents are having work done on their house, my mother will be the one to take out the tape measure and double-check the contractor’s work. LOVE, COURAGE, AND DREAMS LESSONS FROM MY MOTHER

matter what challenges she was facing. As immigrants, our parents had to expend a lot of energy just to keep a roof over our heads, but that didn’t stop her from going the extra mile for us. No matter how long she worked, no matter how tired she was, nothing would stop our mom from giving us all her love and support. Looking back, it’s clear my mother’s inner strength came from her willingness to dream big. She didn’t come to the U.S. just for her family to survive; she wanted us to build a happy life.

Whenever a neighborhood got rough, she’d lead the effort to move us out and kept pushing until we landed in suburbia. She wanted

nothing but the best for her kids and wouldn’t rest until we got it. In many ways, our mother is the embodiment of the American dream. It’s my mother’s courage to take risks and dream big that inspires me most. I do my best to pass on those

values to my own kids, letting them know that it’s okay to fail. So long as they have a vision and the tenacity to follow it up, they’ll find success in the end.

Mother, thank you for pouring so much love and hard work into everything you do for our family. In so many ways, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Because of the dreams you dared to follow, your kids and grandkids are living out their own. It takes strong women to make good men. Mom, thank you for helping shape the man I am today.

Happy Mother’s Day, I love you!

If there’s one thing my mother focused on more than anything, though, it was her children. My siblings and I were always her No. 1 priority, no

–Dr. Raul Lona

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