ForestNation matches every purchase to support generating sustainable livelihoods in developing countries as well as supporting reforestation efforts in areas hit hard by deforestation and industrial agriculture. With their programs, they hope to stimulate local economies, develop lead - ership roles for women, and create a brighter outlook for future generations. By default, organizations that work with ForestNation help not only their own communities but contribute significantly to the well-being of all. INNOVATIVE WAYS TO REFOREST THE PLANET. Everyone has the potential to change our world for the better. The tree kits make it easy for companies, schools, nonprofits, and individuals to do so with a fun customizable experience. The ForestNation tree-planting kits can be used to shape team building events or as gifts, trade-show giveaways, school fundraisers or employee incentives.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSI - BILITY BUT NEXT LEVEL. By providing turnkey marketing solutions that have a positive impact on the environment, ForestNation helps companies demon - strate their social values to the world. THE TREES YOU GET VS THE ONES WE PLANT. Tree seeds are chosen based on what’s best suited for your region or trees that will grow anywhere in the US/Canada. Examples of Tree Species include White Spruce, Western Redbud, Lavender, and Sage. The trees used for planting in Tanzania, Haiti, and Kenya grow under the care of nursery staff for 6 to 9 months. While they are growing, a planting team is clearing invasive weeds and shrubs to create space for the new trees. Once the trees are planted, they are monitored to ensure they reach full maturity of 5 years. These trees are native species and often food- bearing. See page 12 for an interactive component.


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