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“If we pray, we will believe; If we believe, we will love; If we love, we will serve.”

conflict. For providing our kids with a rigorous education and teaching our kids to believe, we thank you.

3. You taught our kids to love. You are all highly educated. Each of you made a deliberate, informed, and sacrificial choice to teach at a Catholic school at a financial cost to your families. By your witness, you have taught our kids this message: God first, others second, me last. Through your witness, you taught our kids to love every day. For implanting love in the hearts of our children, we thank you. 4. You taught our kids to serve. You taught our kids to pray, believe, and love. When a student has unconditional love in their heart, it is inevitable that they share this love and serve others. After nine years of daily witness from kindergarten to eighth grade on how to pray, love, and serve others, how can all of our kids not be changed forever? For teaching our kids the powerful vocation and spirit to serve others, we thank you. Each day, the positive ripple effect of your vocation profoundly affects our community. When just one St. Joan of Arc student learns to pray, believe, love, and serve, the mission of St. Joan of Arc School has been accomplished. By the generous gift of your vocation, you have made a lasting and positive difference in the lives of our kids and their classmates. Please know that we are deeply grateful for your vocation and dedication to our children and our community. You and the St. Joan of Arc community will be in our prayers as you continue your great work. –Joe and Michelle Shannon

–St. Teresa of Calcutta

Dear St. Joan of Arc teachers and staff,

Since 1999, we have entrusted you with our most precious gifts: our children. With Nora graduating this year, a proper public thank-you is long overdue. We want to thank you for providing Emma, Clare, Kate, Will, and now Nora with the best grade- school education we can imagine. Here’s why we think so: 1. You taught our kids to pray. You taught our kids from the start that they are uniquely created by God and never alone in this world. You taught them that there is always a loving God watching over them, and that, in fact, God is their biggest fan. When there are inevitable tough times, God is with them to share their hardship. As one St. Joan of Arc teacher instructed our kids, “Don’t tell God how big your problem is; tell your problem how big our God is.” When there are great triumphs, you taught our kids to be grateful to God, the one who gave them the tools to succeed in life. For teaching our kids to pray and be grateful, we thank you. 2. You taught our kids to believe. Our faith was entrusted to the hands of imperfect people. However, our God is a living God who we encounter daily, especially whenever we read the Word of God and attend Mass together. You prepared our kids for the sacraments, which provide them with the grace to make good decisions in their futures. You taught our kids that they should base their lives on faith, hope, charity, and reason. You taught our kids that faith and science have a symbiotic relationship and can never be in

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