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HOW’S LIFE IN TUCSON? Tucson is unlike any city in the world. It is part of the Sonoran Desert which has an extremely unique ecosystem. It is surrounded by mountain ranges and deep valleys which are inhabited from everything to Bighorn Sheep to Mountain lions.

compiled by GLADYS STARR

UCSON IS AN AWESOME place to live. It’s a desert. No big trees. But gorgeous mountains breathtaking sunsets and the still spare beauty of cactus and creosote. The city has hundreds of great restaurants, live music venues and wonderful people. There are theatres and art museums and festivals. It is a city. Tucson has a strong draw for healing and restoration. During the tuberculosis epidemic of the early 20th T

40,000 students keep the kitchy area around the campus interesting. There are bars and clubs and such. Tucson is primarily a service industry town. Call centers have a huge presence here thanks to a stable infrastructure, and hospitality professionals can find a wide array of offerings. Raytheon builds missiles here, and they employ thousands. Tucson is a lovely place to reside — a nice, medium-sized city with wonderful flavors of native and Spanish

century, people came to Tucson for the dry air and warmth and sanitaria were established there for this purpose. Several resorts and rehab facilities in Tucson continue the healing traditions. If you like an active outdoor lifestyle, it’s a great place. Tucson has sun 330 days a year. There is hiking, camping, sightseeing, wildlife, wide open spaces, and yes, a ski-lift, all within a half hour of Tucson. The U of A is in the center of town and is central to many in town.

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