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ISTUCSONAGREAT CITYFORYOU? If you are a nature lover and want a laid back atmosphere, Tucson is the place. Tucson, Arizona is a great city for you, if you fall under one of these several categories: • You are associated, in any way, with the University of Arizona: University student, faculty, or administrative staff - UofAare the biggest employer in the region, and thus, all life revolves around the university. The university provides stable employment, but unfortunately, it’s hard to find jobs outside of the university. Tucson doesn’t have enough of a diverse tax base, so others decide to move to Phoenix, or out of Arizona. • You love the outdoor desert lifestyle; you are a small, internet business; or a creative: The people who tend to remain in Tucson do it for lifestyle purposes, or have family here. This is a very good, affordable place for an artist to live. The low cost of living allows enough time for creatives to focus on their craft. Unfortunately, if you want to advance up the career ladder rapidly, Tucson isn’t the most optimal place to do it. • You are retired: If you have an independent income and prefer a low cost of living, simple lifestyle, Tucson is a good city to live in. If you need to fly, Phoenix is a one hour drive away.

Idyllic University of Arizona

cultures. The weather is mostly pleasant all year, although it’s quite hot between May and September. No earthquakes or hurricanes, floods, or blizzards, but climate change may well bring us drought. The mountains and sunsets and rainbows are truly exceptional. Access to most places is available from a pleasant, easy-to-access international airport. People are generally friendly and generous. It is a foodie’s heaven and has a thriving arts community. It’s not perfect, but it is a fine place to grow up, raise a family, or retire. Like everywhere else, much of life in Tucson is what one makes of it.

People seem to only talk about scenery as far as positives in Tucson, Arizona. What is the culture like? What are some positives about the people there? Scenic. Culturally diverse. Good arts community. Tucson has HISTORY. People have inhabited the area for many hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is part of what was New Spain, and the influence is still felt. Even the inner city has abundant historic structures. You’ll find beauty even in back alleys. If you like the arts, there are free plays that happen year round at night at the park near the zoo. Old Tucson is

Tucson high rise and colorful parking pavilion

Twin towers of St. Augustine Cathedral

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