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below freezing, and a rare snowstorm that makes for great photos. Tucson after a good soaking monsoon rain smells wonderful; a scent that is indescribable, cleansing, and simultaneously stimulating and calming. Late fall, winter, and early spring are all glorious, weather-wise. Only for about two months of the year does one even consider bringing a jacket along, during the very brief brisk winter weeks. TUCSON’S BEST BITES: A CULINARY TOUR OF THE SUN- DRENCHED METROPOLIS. The food scene in Tucson is amazing, with UNESCO recognising it as a gastronomic delight. The food is simply incredible. If you like Mexican food, you can find it in any part of town. We have all other styles, as well. People here like to eat.The Mexican food is delicious and the restaurants providing it are abundant. Downtown Tucson has really come a long way in terms of dining in general, and in 2015 was the first city in the US to be designated as a UNESCO World City of Gastronomy. There are wonderful dining establishments sprinkled all over Tucson. El Charro is always a good choice. If you like Mexican food, it’s one of the more solid places to enjoy Carne Seca. Also, a stop to Tucson wouldn’t

and east is dominated by this culture. • There is a population of outdoorsy, bicyclist, runner, hiker types. A lot of them. There is a bit to do in Tucson, but if you aren’t partaking in the local natural activities, you’re missing out. A lot of people kind of make it a lifestyle instead of an activity, so you’ll have the people running around in crocs and shorts and a tank or something, with bikes on their cars, always hitting trails or running or climbing or running the tough mudder. Super fitness folks. The weather in Tucson is remarkable in the winter months. It is rare that you would require a winter coat in the daytime. Nights can get pretty chilly but generally speaking the climate is very mild, outside of the summer. It rarely rains, and it is sunny on average 286 days out of the year. The great thing is that January-April is heaven here, with balmy daytime temps in the 60s and 70s, and nighttime temps that can range into the upper 40’s-50s. Summer starts in May with hot and dry, turns to hot and humid in July with afternoon storms that blow in from the southeast and cool things down many evenings through August. September gets hot and dry again and fades into October ’s cooler evenings. Winters are very mild, with only a handful of days

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104 EC Magazines | London-Tucson Edition 2022 Latin food. Great Latin style music and mariachis. Truly unique blending of Mexican and American culture. A large portion of the outlying city to the south always an adventure. And going to the desert museum at least once is a must. Since it’s a pretty good sized city there’s plenty else to do. Movies, concerts, there are several casinos in easy driving distance with entertainment and concert venues, lots of great food and the cost of living is very reasonable. There are numerous parks, sports facilities, and museums. If you want a wide variety of diversity and culture then Tucson is the place to visit. Here are some common facts about Tucson folks that might surprise you: • Tucson, as a generalization, is politically quite liberal… Lots of gay pride stuff (neutral feelings on this, just stating facts, we have rainbow crosswalks in Tucson and a larger presence of gay culture than many cities in America. • Tucson is a University town. There are various fraternity and sorority houses that dominate the downtown Tucson district. There’s a healthy population of young people that perfectly fit the college stereotypes and will remind you of the kids you went to school with. • There is a large Hispanic population. Lots of Hispanic culture. Amazing

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