London-Tucson 2022

PUBLISHING MADE EC! EC Publishing makes it possible for aspiring writers to easily achieve their dreams of becoming a published author.

EC Publishing LLC is a self-publishing company headquartered in Ocala, Florida. We are built on the concept of: “Understanding what writers and published authors alike, truly wants for their book, to be able to provide to them what they truly need in publishing. And in doing so, we’ll be able to help them succeed”. We therefore confidently say, we are the self-publishing company that aspiring writers and authors had been looking for to provide the book publishing services and marketing solutions they’ve always dreamt of.

EC Publishing is dedicated in making a writer’s journey into published author as easy as possible. From first-timers to veterans, novelists to photographers, we will always be on our top- most best to help and to prove that it doesn’t take a traditional publishing deal to bring a dream to life. EC Publishing is a publishing company focused and driven on producing high-quality paperbacks, hardcovers, and e-books that fulfills each of our customers’ book-publishing goals and needs. We care about your publishing success, so we are determined to get your book into the hands of readers everywhere. Make the opportunity. You can do it yourself, and EC Publishing has the superb solutions and the tools you specifically need for a smooth-sailing and successful publication. We will serve as an aid in turning your story into a book.

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