London-Tucson 2022


VER EXPERIENCED THAT LIGHT BULB MOMENT that needed bolt of energy, or that sudden groove once the clock strikes one in the morning? You’re up all day thinking and imagining all inspirations you could get from everywhere. This issue is an example of one, burning candles at night to give us these ideas—especially in this issue that has been so special to us. It has been on our second year we are releasing this London-Tucson issue and for the second time it has always been wonderful. In this issue, as well, we sought out places, thought, and people that thrive in our era right now. Traveling into places that gives us all the ideas and inspirations we need in life. The definition of fashion, travel, and trends comes through and through in our issue—we crafted stories that suits life from making friends to being healthy—everything is where it seems to be. So this month we share the spotlight with London- Tucson issue giving us a peek on food, fashion, and slightly travel. There’s an ode of the “Good Life” on page 48, it dwells on a new analysis that when we are kind to others, we are healthier, and yes, happier. We also dish on some tips on choosing friends wisely, because just as the iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the mind of each other. Ain’t this issue something good? And wait, take a peek as we release artworks centered on the events brought by the pandemic. There are also good things we share on travel and food—be sure to read that on. With everything that has been going through in our time, we remember these times—the outburst of moments we were able to appreciate life and that we’re only given one. E Outburst



EC Magazines | London-Tucson Edition 2022

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