London-Tucson 2022


CHICKEN SOUP This chunky chicken soup from Adam Bennett makes a perfect family supper, let your child choose their favourite pasta shapes for some fun, or finish with a dash of cream and some freshly chopped herbs for a more indulgent touch.

METHOD 1. Add all ingredients, except the pasta, to a pan and bring to the boil. 2. As it boils, skim off any impurities with a ladle. Reduce the heat, cover, and leave to simmer for approximately 1 hour. 3. Once the chicken is cooked through and beginning to fall off the bone, remove the pan from the heat. Remove the legs and place in a tray or bowl to cool. 4. Strain the liquid from the pan into a clean pan and reserve. 5. Place the pan of cooking liquor over a low heat to simmer, stir in the pasta shapes and cook for 5-8 minutes until soft. Turn off the heat. 6. Meanwhile, mash the vegetables, making sure to pop the garlic cloves out of their skin. 7. Pick the chicken meat off the bones and roughly chop. 8. Return the mashed vegetables and chicken to the pan. Heat through and add a pinch of salt and pepper if needed. 9. Divide the chicken soup across 4 bowls and serve immediately.


EC Magazines | London-Tucson Edition 2022

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