London-Tucson 2022

HE PANDEMIC HAS SINCE break us apart—physically though, from seeing almost every weekend and just casually going out to grab lunch, it has been, for the most part, cancelled by the pandemic. Thanks to the vaccines developed it has improved to more ways than none. It was a not so gloomy afternoon, my friends, Chyrel and Clark, and I gathered to finally see each other, and guess what we planned to do—an informal tete-a-tete to celebrate the moment, an outburst of just a random thought. Uncautious about the weather, we pushed our plan to do this “picnic”. While the sun is up, scorchingly hot by the way, we picked and bought food on our own for this gathering we called picnic. Driving an hour from the city, we look for a place uphill where we can set and sit for our afternoon picnic. We got doughnuts, cheese platter, some fruits, the cold cuts, and of course, tea. Moments later, we’ve noticed a cloudburst approaching—it was rain, we know. T

Setting in our midst that it’s not going to rain, we had our minds fixed while we’re preparing—that it’s really going to rain, what with the super gray clouds. While waiting for the rain to come, we immediately hurry to take pic, "It is in little moments we came to realize that whenever life throws lemons, learn to make a lemonade." celebrate like a picnic should be, takes a lot of picture and of course, devour beautifully the food and of course some tea party to pay respect. Five minutes in to that, it was raining cats and dogs, our food gets wet, the tea mixed with rain water, and our mats, soakingly wet. Thanks to some shade

of the tree and our little umbrellas our things were safe and dry, to say the least. Staring into the rain for more than 10 minutes we realized one thing, we can’t do stop rain and there’s nothing we can do about it—we have to live that moment— we danced in the rain. And besides, it’s another first time since forever that we’ve experienced bathing in the rain. It was past four in the afternoon the rain settles, the birds are back chirping, we packed up things neatly and clean the area leaving no traces behind because, Yes, #SaveMotherEarth. We ended the day nicely by taking photos of us with our wet clothes and with a chilled body. The rain came back just when we were about to go home, we had to rush to the car. It was fun, nevertheless, cold fun! It is in little moments we came to realize that whenever life throws lemon, learn to make a lemonade. We have enjoyed the time we had, after all whatever happens, happens, it was meant to be, or in this case, meant to tea. EC


EC Magazines | London-Tucson Edition 2022

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