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Heal Yourself of Anything is a thought-provoking look into an amazing form of healing. The author tells how her nine-year-old son Michael was healed of congenital glaucoma (a high-pressure disease of the eyes) when she reversed her negative attitude toward a domineering (pressuring) person in her life. By reversing her way of dealing with this person, her son’s glaucoma literally vanished. By handling this problem in a new way, Michael’s eye pressure checked normal for the first time in his life, and after nine years of daily eye drops, they were no longer needed to control the pressure. Nancy explains the spiritual healing process, which can be used to heal any illness. She teaches that we are spiritual beings attracting the visible reflection or shadow of the thoughts we think. Your body is like a thermometer registering your positive and negative feelings and attitudes. Your problems can become mental harmony disturbers because they bring negative words to your mind. In order to heal, you must dislodge and dispel these harmful negative words from your thinking and replace them with the directly opposite positive words intentionally. You always know what your biggest problem is, so if you are facing a health crisis of any kind, you must look at your own feelings and attitudes about that problem and get them changed and literally reversed to heal your illness. Because your thoughts regulate your body chemistry, positive loving thoughts bathe your bodily organs in nourishing, healthy fluids. Negative thoughts cause a lack of nourishment to your organs and result in the breakdown of healthy operations in your body. By dislodging and dispelling specific negative words from your thinking based on your specific illness, you can heal yourself from most medically incurable illnesses. Anyone can use these techniques, which the author explains in detail to heal glaucoma or any other disease. This book will inspire you to get beyond the negativity that can weigh heavily on your health.

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Heal Yourself of Anything Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.

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