London-Tucson 2022


This painting depicts the outsized and overwhelming impact of COVID-19 on our healthcare providers and on our healthcare eco-system in general. I was artistically inspired by the lifeless streets in big capital cities, empty tall haunted buildings and incredible havoc created by a virus that was often depicted paradoxically by vivid colors with precise structures and features. Missing in all these early images was the human factor. This painting now hangs within our department offices as a reminder of our collective experiences. OUTSIZED, OVERWHELMING IMPACT OF COVID-19 by Lona Mody


I have used my own art as real-time documentation of the pandemic and my own impression of the workload. I consider this painting as physical evidence of my work to fight this pandemic as a lab tech working in a public-health lab. It is related directly to this pandemic, because I asked one of my colleagues to take a photo of me while pipetting SARS-CoV-2 nasopharyngeal swabs to prepare them for extraction. And I wanted to add my personal impression of this moment by painting it the way it looks.


EC Magazines | London-Tucson Edition 2022

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