London-Tucson 2022


NATURARTE by Angela Araujo

Art has helped me to take my mind to beautiful places during my blue/ stressful moments and realize how science and art are not that different: both depend on creativity and can be gorgeous. Naturarte is a sunset made of ‘pieces of science’. The entire collage is made from small cuts from Nature covers. It represents the hope for new and better days during the pandemic, when science can save us all from COVID-19, and that we appreciate it like a beautiful piece of art.


I have always loved art and have used it to relax—constantly reading and writing about the disease while living alone and worrying about my family and friends who are frontline healthcare workers was starting to get to me, so every night I would do some type of art: knit, crochet, paint or embroider. I started working on this piece in the first few weeks of the pandemic and finished it right before our grant was awarded in April. It has been sitting on my desk since then while I have been researching the cardiovascular effects of COVID-19. I chose to embroider a heart to take my mind off work while reminding myself why I chose to go into the biomedical sciences and to do cardiology research in the first place.


EC Magazines | London-Tucson Edition 2022

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