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ROME FOR FOODIES We all have heard that before: Rome is a

charming, romantic, and exciting city. Some say it’s the most beautiful city in the world, and there’s some truth in there.



OME IS PRETTY UNIQUE when it comes to combining rich history, amazing historical sites and monuments, art

and architecture, top shopping streets, stunning panoramic views and natural attractions. But Rome is rich in the food scene as well, which I would describe as diverse and vibrant, not afraid of mixing local traditions with innovation. Roman cuisine is traditionally cheap, simple, and tasty, but robust. There’s something for all tastes: whether you’re looking for delicious street food to eat on the go, or for sitting comfortably in one of the many and lovely trattoria of the city center, Rome has something to offer you. As a matter of fact, sometimes the problem is quite the opposite: there’s so much that it’s hard to be selective in terms of quality. It’s extremely easy to feel lost in the capital’s eating-out scene, especially in the city center, and it often happens to tourists to be overcharged for mediocre pasta or overpriced rubbish. But that’s why this article will come in handy to anyone planning a trip to the Eternal City. If you want to have a “safe list” of reputable places on hand to enjoy the best food and drink while in Rome, this is for you.

Mercato Centrale


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