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STREET FOOD. You’ll be surprised how many of the city’s finest dishes and specialties are meant to be savored on-the-go. Street food in Rome can be a snack (merenda, as the Italians say), if you’re just a little hungry, or a whole meal like lunch or dinner – without breaking the bank. In the historic district, right in Termini Central Station, you will find Mercato Centrale: a food market with almost 30 different stores where you can whether shop for groceries or eat food – or both. You will find sweet and savory, pizza and gelato, Roman cuisine and sushi, coffee and chocolate, hot and cold food. The great thing about this place is that some of the best food institutions are gathered together in the same place. Trapizzino, a popular chain selling triangles of delicious pizza dough stuffed with a variety of fillings; they also have traditional Roman fried food, like supplì. Gabriele Bonci’s, considered an artist of pizza and bread, combining the finest and most nutritious ingredients with a unique craftsmanship. Bonci has another shop close to the Vatican City, Pizzarium, if you’re thinking about visiting the Vatican Museums – which you definitely should. If you want to know what real pasta tastes like, a visit at Egidio Michelis’ is a must: all his recipes are the result of a decades-old research and the menu changes daily, following the seasonality of the products used. If you’re cheese obsessed, I suggest you stop by Daniele Meini’s, an expert in refined cheese. His boutique displays a selection of cheese as irresistible as it is varied: from ricotta to mozzarella, from robiola to stracciatella, the quality is nothing less than exceptional. With almost 30 shops, it’s really hard to choose the ones to mention in this list, but consider there’s something for every need or crave you could imagine: vegetarian and vegan, Sicilian specialties, chianina hamburger, fried and Asian food, truffle.

Daniele Meini


Gabriele Bonci


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