London-Tucson 2022


MUST-EATS IN LONDON Besides Big Ben, London is famous for quite a long list of things, let alone being the center of the world. One of those things about London is its eateries and cuisines.


HERE ARE A THOUSAND things that you must not miss about London, especially if it is your very first visit. Food is not only one of those, but it also appears in the top tier of the list. If you visit this city, you must continue your endeavours to satisfy your cravings, having the list of London’s best must- eats that this article mentions. Here are what you need to know! T

THE WORLD-FAMOUS FISH & CHIPS It is all over the Internet. And we second it. Chippies, as the citizens of London call it, this must-eat is a long-celebrated dish that the streets of London witness being sold every corner. The chips are not similar to the regular fries that we eat. They are more rectangular and much larger than ordinary ones. Fish is usually battered, deep-fried, and mouth-watering-ly scrumptious. You can find haddock, halibut, and mackerel as the variation in choice of the fish.

SCRUMPTIOUS SUNDAY ROAST Not only is this the juiciest and most delectable dish, but it is also eaten as a traditional food after church on Sundays in the afternoon with family. We believe it is the best thing you can enjoy with your loved ones on Sunday afternoons.


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