Lift Tables


Pantograph lift tables

TM manual lift table TM is a wheeled lift table with pantograph lifting that is manually driven by means of a lifting pump; the driving handle allows the manual movement of the lift table that, therefore, can serve work stations that are located in different positions. Armanni’s offered products allow selecting among several standard set-ups (capacity, size of the platform and lifting stroke) or, if necessary, to ask for the customisation of the size according to the specific needs of the work

premises being concerned. Lifting and traction

• Linking or turning platforms to improve ergonomics during machine serving operations • Stable frame with swivel wheels to improve efficiency, productivity and safety conditions Lifting range From 500Kg to 1000Kg Quality and affordability TM is the entry-level model of Armanni® and it combines manual lifting with manual traction. Thanks to the “Made in Italy” identity of this product, it guarantees high quality standards combined with an affordable and convenient price. Standard equipment • Pins mounted on sintered bushings • Chromed oleo-dynamic piston • Lifting with double-acting manual pump • Lowering by proportional hand operated valve • Polyamide core wheels with polyurethane cover

TM can be a valid ally in the different manufacturing phases given that it combines the liftable table characteristics with the possibility of being moved easily just by pushing it from the corresponding handle, ensuring safe and accurate displacements. Maximum customization Numerous customization possibilities, from platform dimensions to lifting capacity and equipment with specific accessories: • Platform with rollers to improve goods sliding • load containing guardrails to improve safety during movements

Double-acting manual pump

A double pump makes lifting fast and easy. Lowering by gravity is controlled by a proportional hand operated valve in the pump body.

Sliding on high quality bearings

• Swivel back wheels • Foot parking brake • Manual translation • Accided prevention systems

Maintenance free high quality bearings support the scissor mechanism to ensure smooth movement during lifting and lowering.

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