Lift Tables


Pantograph lift tables

TE electro-hydraulic table TE is an electro-hydraulic pantograph lift table; Armanni’s offered products allow selecting among several standard set-ups (capacity, size of the platform and lifting stroke) or, if necessary, to ask for the customisation of the size according to the specific needs of the work premises being concerned. Possibility to set up the lifting platforms with vertical double-pantograph lifting system to reach maximum heights with minimum overall dimensions. A wide range of optional accessories is available. Motor-driven lifting

traction, for long displacements or in order to facilitate movements in case of large or heavy platforms. Lifting range From 500 Kg to 5000 Kg Large dimensions, great heights TE represents the top modelof the Armanni® line with many possibilities for customization in terms of dimensions and lifting. Possibility of designing and manufacturing tables with platforms of large dimensions passable by lift trucks or cars with reinforced structures in order to ensuremaximum capacities and with double pantograph structures for more elevated lifting operations

Thanks to the motor-driven lifting through electro- hydraulic control unit fed by the mains available for the table, it is possible, even in the standard configuration, to easily and safely lift loads of up to 5000 Kg. Maximum customization Large number of customization possibilities, from the table measurements to the lifting capacity, up to the installation of specific accessories Possibility of motorising traction In addition to the possibility of motorising lifting through electro-hydraulic control units, fed either by the mains or by through batteries, it is also possible to motorise electric

Standard equipment • Hydraulic power plant 380/220V • Three-phases lifting engine • Pins mounted on sintered bushings • Chromed oleo-dynamic piston • Lifting and lowering push-buttons • Slide on bearings • Strong electro welded steel frame • Safety perimeter • Accident prevention systems

Strenght and reliability Rigid welded steel frames, self lubricating pivot bearings and chrome plated hydraulic cylinder rods offer long life and trouble free operation. Safety perimeter Sensors at the bottom of the platform detect obstacles in the operating area and immediately stop the lowering operation.

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