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GAMMA 800 M manual lift table

GAMMA 800 M is the manual lift table in which lifting is obtained by means of a double-acting manual pump; with a capacity of 800 Kg and lifting of up to 1475mm, it is the ideal equipment for the service to machine tools and operators

Manual lifting and traction Thanks to the traction solution (through push handle) and manual lifting, it represents the ideal solution for the service to machines in any part of the company, even in

the “Made in Italy” identity of this product, it guarantees high quality standards combined with an affordable and convenient price. Suitable for any industries There are numerous accessories that can be installed on the GAMMA 800 M platform. Thanks to the many possibilities of customization, the table is particularly suitable to any working field. Lifting capacity 800 Kg

areas without power supply. Reduced dimensions

Thanks to the lifting systemwith piston in vertical position, without pantograph structure, it is possible to contain the dimensions; GAMMA 800 M thus becomes the ideal tool as work table for the operator or service to the machine tools. Quality and affordability GAMMA 800 M is the entry-level model of Armanni® and it combines manual lifting with manual traction. Thanks to

Driving handle and swivel wheels Driving handle improves ergonomics during lift table movement operations; back swivel wheels with parking foot brake improve handling and safety.

Standard equipment • Pins mounted on sintered bushings • Chromed oleo-dynamic piston • Lifting with double-acting manual pump • Lowering by proportional hand operated valve • Polyamide core wheels with polyurethane cover

Double-acting manual pump

• Swivel back wheels • Foot parking brake • Manual translation • Accided prevention systems

The double-acting manual pump makes lifting fast and easy. Lowering by gravity is controlled by a hand operated valve in the pump body.

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