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Tilting lift tables

TR tilting lift table

TR is the Armanni® tilting table used for tilting and overturning the load. The range does not include a standard version, which is why TR is fully customizable in capacity and size.

Tilting and overturning TR is a handling system with an L-shaped platform (90° angle) used for the electro-hydraulic inclination of the platform until the load is completely overturned. Fully customizable Being that TR doesn’t have a standard reference version, it has endless possibilities for customizing the dimensions and shape of the overturning platforms to perfectly adapt to the type and shape of the goods to be handled.

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Application fields TR is usually used for various handling operations including:

• load overturning from the vertical to the horizontal position and vice versa (paper rolls, plastic rolls, etc.) • platform tilting to facilitate and improve ergonomics for the operators during goods loading and unloading inside crates or containers • pallet change operations ( transfer from wooden pallets to plastic pallets, etc.) • table integration within a plant for connecting different working steps

Lifting capacity Being a 100% customizable product, the lifting capacity is at the customer’s request.

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