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XXL lift tables

XXL lift tables extra-large sizes and capacities XXL lift tables designed to meet the need of handling extra-large loads both in terms of dimensions and weight. Extra-heavy frame The Armanni® XXL lift tables are specifically designed, both in the load- bearing structure and in the dimensioning of the mechanical components, to guarantee full efficiency and safety during lifting of goods which, in terms of weight and bulk, are configured as exceptional loads. Thanks to a meticulous design study, the tables are made maintaining high quality standards that result in extra-sturdy frame structures. Fully customizable Not having a standard reference version, Armanni® XXL tables have endless possibilities for customization to adapt perfectly to the type and characteristics of the loads to be handled. In combination with a wide range of options, they are able to meet the customer’s needs in many industrial sectors

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Application fields TR is usually used for various handling operations including:

• connection between different levels • integration in large-scale production facilities (glass plates, paper rolls, molds, metal semi-finished products, mechanical components, etc.) for the connection between different working steps • integration in automated production lines (automobile assembly and assembly lines, railway industries, mechanical industries, etc.) for the connection between different levels • lifting and lowering of XXL loads to ensure a safe and ergonomic workstation during assembly and assembly

Lifting capacity Being a 100% customizable product, the lifting capacity is at the customer’s request.

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