Lift Tables


How to choose a lift table To correctly choose a lift table, it is necessary to know exactly the work that the table will perform. For this reason it is essential to collect a series of data for identifying the correct model. Our goal is to provide a high quality product that fully satisfies the customer’s handling needs. For this reason, the Armanni® team provides its know-how acquired in over 40 years of activity, involving the customer in a phase of co-creation of the machine.

Technical data of the lift table • Capacity (Kg) • Platform dimension (A x B) • Lift stroke (S) • Collapsed height (H1) • Maximal height (H2) • Type of operation (held-hand pendant control, push-button panel, remote control, PLC connection)

• Type of lifting (manual or electro-hydraulic) • Lifting engine location • Number of daily liftings • Number of daily shifts and estimated life

• Lifting accuracy and precision • Typology (fixed or moveable)

Load features • Load typology • Weight

• Dimension and characteristics • Weight distribution and center of gravity

Lift table installation • Indoor • Outdoor Working area features • Working area description • Main risks

• Pit installation • Plant integration


• Climatic and hygrometric conditions • Potential use of chemical substances

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