Cornwall police are investigating an un- usual break and enter duringwhich and debit card key pad and Ingenico debit card print pad were stolen. The equipment was stolen during a break and enter at a Copeland Street business between Friday and Monday. Interact equipment stolen in Cornwall b&e

Hospital group appealing for stay


A group hoping to buy the former Corn- wall General Hospital is hoping an appeal to the Ontario health minister for clem- ency will keep their proposal alive to turn the site into a seniors-focused, multi-use facility. The group had been unable to get two key players behind its ambitious plan – the Champlain Local Health Improvement Agency and the Cornwall Community Hos- pital board – prior to its June 3 deadline is- sued by the hospital. Now Mark MacDonald and his concerned Concerned Citizens Coalitionmust convince Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews not to sign off on any alternate proposal for the sale of the former Cornwall General Hospi- tal site until they can complete the ground- work for their proposal. “We have a lot of work to do,” MacDonald said in an interview Friday with The Journal . If the group is successful in convincing Matthews to delay the sale of the hospital, the head of the Champlain Local Health In- tegration Network, has indicated she will come to Cornwall to discuss the proposal with his group, MacDonald said. That was the take-away from a meet- ing MacDonald had Friday afternoon with Chantale Leclerc, the head of the Cham- plain LHIN, the agency which oversees the delivery of health services encompassing the Cornwall area, as well as the Ottawa and Hawkesbury region. “I can’t see her signing off,” MacDon- ald said, referring to the possibility of the health minister approving a deal the hospi- tal is pursuing with an alternate buyer. “We just need to get the message to her not to,” he told The Journal . MacDonald’s coalition wants to purchase the hospital for one dollar to convert it to a multi-use, seniors’ focused facility. The group wants the province to cover the $2 million sale price of the former Cornwall

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General Hospital site. MacDonald announced one day earlier that the group had received news that the City of Cornwall would allow the group to partition designated areas of the hospital site to raise money for its ambitious repur- posing plan for the building. “Most recently we received correspon- dence from the City of Cornwall that will allow us to meet another one of our condi- tions for the purchase of the former General Hospital, which is to be used for the common good and social benefit of the community with the focus on seniors,”MacDonald wrote. “The ability to partition for sale desig- nated areas, time to form a not-for-profit group, approval of the task force and mu- nicipal support for technical assistance are four of the five conditions in our offer that have been met.” MacDonald hailed it as “great news” head- ing into the meeting with Leclerc, from whom, he said “we will only be asking for their support for the essence of our offer and to carry our message through to the next step, the approval of the minister of health.” Mark MacDonald, head of the Concerned Citizens Coalition hoping to purchase the former Cornwall General Hospital, is shown in this file photo. able offence, theft under $5,000, posses- sion of cannabis marijuana, possession of property obtained by crime under $5,000, failure to comply with sentence or disposi- tion, break and enter a place with intent to commit indictable offence and theft over $5,000. The woman faces charges of posses- sion of property obtained by crime under $5,000, obstructing or resisting a peace of- ficer, and trafficking in stolen goods under $5,000.

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Woman, teen charged in OPP b&e bust The Journal

A 39-year-old woman and a 16-year-old male from South Dundas face a swath of charges as a result of an investigation by the SD&G OPP Street Crime Unit. The two were arrested by SD&G OPP on Friday as a result of an ongoing break and enter investigation. The 16-year-old faces charges of break and enter dwelling house to commit indict-

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