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T he scariest part of life is learning how fragile it is. Too often we grow numb to this idea while we saunter through our daily routines. We tend to live in the moment while putting some of the most important choices we’ll ever have to make for ourselves on the back burner. Here at LeRoy Peterson Law, my drive has always been to educate my clients so that they can make their own decisions based on their own unique set of circumstances. We aim to plan for and minimize the chaos that would otherwise come about when someone passes away or can no longer care for themselves. And really, these choices are less about us and more about our impact on those we leave behind, those who matter most to us. I didn’t begin life with these ambitions set in stone. My Nebraskan journey took me from the small town of Kearney to studying at the University of Nebraska. Shortly after that, I married Amy, my wife now for 26 years. We’ve been in Omaha ever since. Amy and I have been blessed to bring two beautiful daughters into the world, both of whom went on to be Cornhuskers too, much to their dad’s pride. Practicing law has been a long and fruitful part of the journey, and I’ve grown to acquire quite a large family, ever-expanding, through the relationships made in working with so many wonderful clients. I started practicing estate law in the private practice sector when we moved to Omaha in 1992, but because of an unforeseen opportunity, I soon shifted to intellectual property law in the software industry through the next decade. However, something still didn’t sit right and I couldn’t find total fulfillment, even after I made the switch to the insurance industry. But in 2010, when I went back to private practice and opened my own

firm and began practicing elder law, estate planning, and probate/estate administration, I finally felt satisfied. And I have been ever since. Because of the umbrella of my own practice, which allows me to cultivate these personal and special relationships with my clients, I have found something that has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The simple benefit of my total immersion in this niche is that I am able to take something seemingly convoluted and break it down so that my clients are able to form their own conclusions, and from those, determine their best course of action. Whether a case goes on for a few days or for a few years, I find that my clients walk away with confidence, knowing that they are the masters of their own destiny throughout the process with full transparency along the way. By maximizing options and results for our clientele, we here at LeRoy Peterson Law are able to minimize heartache in many potentially stressful situations.

My ultimate ambition is to actualize your needs and help you realize the desires you have for your future in the same way I would for my family. That’s where the excitement and pride I have in operating my own practice comes from: Here, I am able to develop and care for my clients on a case-by-case basis. That just isn’t possible in the corporate world. There is never an unfruitful moment in this line of work for me, never a moment of regret. I mediate for my clients between their loved ones and their brightest future, no matter the challenges life throws their way.

-LeRoy Peterson

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