Altitude Physical Therapy October 2018

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One of my favorite parts of my job is helping ease people’s fears about getting back to an activity they love. Last week, I was working with a patient who rides a Harley. He hadn’t been on his motorcycle all summer because he was worried that he wouldn’t have the strength to back it up due to the weakness in his legs. So we used a stool and pieces of equipment to create a structure that was about the same height as his bike. He could practice pushing it back and get comfortable with the motion again in a controlled environment. The next time he came in, I asked him if he’d gotten back on his motorcycle. “I haven’t yet,” he said, “but I thought about it.” For him, it was a big step — envisioning himself getting back on his bike.

At each of our clinics, we have the tools to recreate just about every situation that a patient is feeling scared about returning to. We have buckets full of equipment from every sport and physical activity. We call them our “buckets of fun,” and they’re filled with baseballs, bats, hockey sticks, bike gear — equipment for any activity that you are hoping to get back to. Our therapists are very creative when it comes to simulating every physical activity imaginable to help you feel better prepared and ease your fears about getting back to doing what you love. For some patients, it’s scary to think of getting back into the car after an accident or going back to work after falling. The mental hurdle of getting past an injury can be as challenging as the physical

hurdle. You might be physically okay to return to those situations, but feeling mentally ready to do them can take a little longer. It’s natural to have apprehension when you’re getting back into those situations. To help patients feel more confident, we gradually re-expose them to those situations. If they lack the strength or confidence, they address those weaknesses so they feel more prepared the next time that situation comes up. Our therapists aren’t just creative; they understand that it takes time to build that confidence back. We’ll work with you until you feel good about getting back on the bike. When it comes to being exposed to fears, there’s no better time to do it than Halloween. I remember one year, as a teenager, I chose a scary mask and a trench coat for my costume, and I think that creepy outfit combined with my height was a little intimidating to other trick-or- treaters passing me by! These days, I’m not so much in it for the scare as I am for having fun. When my oldest son was about 3, we dressed him as Batman, and I was Robin. Instead of scaring people, we gave them some good laughs. Here at work, our team also has a good time picking out a theme and coming up with costumes. Last year, I went as Richard Simmons — I think some of our patients were a little shocked to see so much of my legs! We’re still brainstorming our ideas for this Halloween. I guess you’ll have to wait and see what we decide!

Do you know what you’ll be for Halloween?

–Sean Weatherston

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