Harmonson Law Firm - March 2019

MAR 2019



Striking a Balance

T here’s no denying that having a good work-life balance is important. But it can be a challenge to find that right mixture of both, especially with the addition of our growing law practice and our youngest, Winn. My ideal work-life balance is being able to get home from work and have weeknight dinners with my wife, kids, and grandma. During those evening hours, I can put the day behind me and live in the moment with my family. Working in law, there are days when it’s hard to leave my work at the office. There’s often a lot to think about and prepare for. But when I give myself that opportunity to refocus, I can come back to work the next day with a fresh perspective.

It’s an activity that really helps you refocus. We make it a point to eat together as a family just about every night, whether it’s at home or out somewhere. On nights when we cook together, we try to keep it relatively simple. After all, we don’t want to finish our time in the kitchen with prolonged cleaning. We might have a taco, pasta, or salad night. Like with any family, the decision is made based on whatever we’re in the mood for and the ingredients we have available. Planning meals in advanced always helps. As I’ve mentioned in a past edition of the newsletter, one big part of my work-life routine happens first thing in the morning. Before anyone else gets up, I use the quiet morning hours to read, journal, and enjoy a cup of coffee as I get ready for the day. Another part of my morning routine is making breakfast for the family. It’s a great way to start the day and spend time with the kids before school. From there, I take my son to school and head out. Making breakfast is the perfect complement to cooking dinner. It’s two bookends for a productive day. Our time together extends to the weekends, too. On Sundays, we usually all go to church. And coming up, our family is getting ready to take a big ski trip. We always like to get away in March, and this time, we’ll be heading to the mountains. Luckily, I just settled a case that was set for trial during the kids spring break. In fact, the word “together” really captures my work- life-balance philosophy. As much as I love my job and helping our clients every day, my family is what keeps me grounded and balanced.

In those moments when I may bring my work to the dinner table, my wife, Sheri, reminds me that it’s family time. I’m thankful I have someone to reel me in. And since she’s our office manager, she knows when I’m still in work mode. “... THE WORD ‘TOGETHER’ REALLY CAPTURES MY WORK- LIFE-BALANCE PHILOSOPHY.”

After work, my wife, Sheri, and I share the cooking duties while our two eldest kids finish homework in the kitchen.

– Clark Harmonson

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