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MARIACHI BAND Maybe you loved your principle, and perhaps you didn’t. This prank works either way. For as little as $200, you can rent a mariachi band to follow your school’s leader around wherever they go. They’ll be serenaded with the sounds of culture and have an enormous sombrero to go with it. While pranks are always fun, they can easily cross the line. It’s important to take into account emotions and discrimination when planning the ultimate joke. We deal with situations on a daily basis where actions that may have had innocent intent caused distress or damage. Whether it’s a prank you’re concerned about or something more serious, reach out to us today. Our specialty is protecting individuals from discrimination.

As June comes around the corner and the kids get ready to leave school for the summer, it’s hard not to reminisce about our own last days of school. Yearbook signings, school dances, and, of course, the good ol’ fashioned last-day-of-school prank. But even though we’ve been out of school for a while, kids are still pulling stunts. Here are three of the best last-day-of- school pranks we’ve come across in recent years.

FOR SALE Cruel? Maybe. Humorous? Definitely. Regardless, this is one prank we’re happy the internet can facilitate. Craigslist gives you the opportunity to sell just about everything. In some cases, it might be your

calls all day about the screaming deal they didn’t know they were offering up.

CHOP SHOP In one legendary prank, high school seniors got the keys to the school’s auto shop with mischief on their mind. Late at night, they disassembled a VW Beetle,

furniture. In other cases, it might be your 12th-grade history teacher’s van. In this prank, students snap a photo of a teacher’s car and create a listing aimed at selling it before the end of the day. The ad comes complete with the teacher’s cellphone number, so they have no other option but to field

took its parts and pieces up three flights of stairs, and rebuilt it on the roof of the school. When the administration showed up the next day to find their new addition, the story broke to local media outlets and the prank of the year went viral.


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