The Simple Mistake that Could Cost You Up to 30 Percent in Repairs and Maintenance Costs


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throw in the towel on investing entirely.” According to Motili analyses (the company tracks portfolio performance for each client over time), investors who consolidate their projects in one place and under one management umbrella, be it virtual or otherwise, stand to save nearly 30 percent on labor and equip- ment when flipping or rehabbing to rent. In large part, these savings are the result of the company’s exclusive part- nerships with equipment manufacturers and distributors, Williams observed. Many investors find that consolidation enables them to better train employees and even pass on knowledge of the business to children or other companies that might wish to acquire their company for a healthy sum. “We are often able to offer integrated service and equipment savings between 20

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and 30 percent, depending on how effective an investor may be at managing their own projects on their own,” Williams said, noting that even experienced investors often fail to realize they should be consolidating labor and supply orders to reduce costs. “Thoughtful consolidation and project management enables you to identify areas in which you need more help or different types of equipment to reduce expenditures or maximize productivity,” he said. Whether you are brand-new to real es- tate investing or have a portfolio of doz- ens of houses, taking the time to assem- ble and then analyze the vast amounts of information about those deals and properties will pay big dividends both immediately and in the future. • Motili works with real estate investors specializing in single- and multifamily residential properties, com- mercial spaces including self-storage, senior living, hotels, and retail chains, and with banks on REO properties. Learn more about consolidating your real estate business with unique access to Motili and its vast expertise at

is one of the main sources of disappoint- ment in this popular industry for new in- vestors. Ask any active investor at a local real estate investors’ association (REIA) meeting what surprised them when they started investing full-time, and most will mention that they did not have as much time as they thought they would when they left their traditional employer. “Even new investors with only a couple of properties need project management assistance,” observed Motili vice presi- dent Russ Williams. Motili is a national company offering a network of repair and maintenance contractors on local levels. “We find repeatedly the move from owning one investment property to owning two or three can be incredibly time-consuming if they do not have the right systems in place to help them make the right improvements to those proper- ties and identify what repairs and mainte- nance they need, ahead of time. They end up really stressed and some of them even

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