Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan


Public Improvements District (P.I.D.) When authorized by City Council in compliance with state laws, new developments can establish a (P.I.D.). As a taxing district, the P.I.D. provides funds specifically for the operation and maintenance of public facilities such as parks and major boulevards. Tax Increment Financing District (T.I.F.) A T.I.F. is a tool used by local government to finance public improvements in a defined area as approved by the City Council. When an area is designated a T.I.F. district, the tax base is frozen at the current level. As development occurs within the T.I.F., the increased value of property, the tax increment is captured. The tax increments are posted to a separate fund to finance public improvements within the district. Maintenance Fees and Non-Residential Fees Fees collected from users are used to offset the cost associated with maintenance of the parks. Non-residents are charged a fee for the use of DeSoto facilities, which is used to offset the cost associated with the programs. Policies and Ordinances The coordination and cooperation between all contributing bodies is important in the success of this Master Plan. The recommendations in this Master Plan have been influenced by citizen input, city officials, and the needs established for the City of DeSoto. Ordinances help the implementation of these recommendations by providing a legal framework to insure development and protection. Joint Planning with Surrounding Cities Any facilities that may be achievable with coordination between surrounding cities should be considered as this may aid in the development and realization of parks and recreation facilities. Tree Preservation Ordinances Whether a separate document or incorporated into the City’s landscape ordinance, tree preservation ordinances establish procedures for preserving and protecting existing trees both in natural areas and developed areas. The tree preservation ordinance also outlines a mechanism/procedure for mitigating the removal of trees resulting from development of a site. Mitigation measures usually specify the replacement of trees on a caliper inch per caliper inch basis, e.g. if a fifteen inch (15”) tree is removed five, three inch (3”) replacement trees must be planted.


City of DeSoto - 2020 Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails Master Plan

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