Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan


Related Planning Efforts DeSoto’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan has been updated to leverage the successful and high-quality foundation established by the 2015 DeSoto Comprehensive Plan and the previous Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails Master Plan completed in 2011. The Plan provides an updated and action-based framework for parks and recreation to positively contribute to the future of DeSoto. In September 2015, the City of DeSoto adopted a new comprehensive plan, which was developed as an update to the City’s 2003 plan. The purpose of the comprehensive plan is to establish goals and guidelines for future development decisions in DeSoto. This Plan provides a unified vision of what DeSoto should become and a long-range statement of the City’s public policies. It is important to note that this plan is not a mandate; it is a flexible guide for City Staff and City stakeholders to determine the future of DeSoto. It contains ideas, graphics, and actions that were identified by residents and molded into a cohesive vision for the future. The Comprehensive Plan was created by the people who know DeSoto best – its residents – through a Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. This committee was created to guide the plan’s development and recommend a draft plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council. This Parks Master Plan expands on the goals of the Comprehensive Plan as a roadmap to pro-actively address changes to the City’s parks and open spaces, recreation and programming, trails and sidewalks, and facilities and operations. The recommendations of this Plan should also support other City planning efforts relating to topics such as sustainability, mobility, and capital improvements. The DeSoto Capital Improvement Program (CIP) should contain the updated parks and recreation priorities of this Master Plan.

2011 Parks, Recreation, Open-Space & Trails Master Plan


Comprehensive Plan City of DeSoto September 2015

2015 DeSoto Comprehensive Plan | 1

Open Space & Trails Master Plan 11

City of DeSoto - 2020 Parks, Recreation,

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