Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan


Plan Framework This Plan merges the current assets in DeSoto with the community’s hopes for continued success. Achieving the Vision will require collaboration between the City leadership and other stakeholders in the area. Ordinance amendments, capital improvements, catalyst projects, incentives, programming, and combinations of funding and partnerships are among the techniques the City can use to achieve the Vision. The Components and following chapters of the Plan include: Goals and Objectives - Identifies parks and recreation service goals and specific objectives on how each of the goals will be reached. Plan Development Process - Identifies how public input was received and who was involved in developing the Master Plan. Site and Facility Inventory - A collection of data on existing park, recreation, open-space, and trails currently provided by the City. Needs Assessment - Assesses the parks and recreation needs using demand- based, standard-based and resource-based needs. Needs shall be clearly identified and methodology outlined for determining needs. Prioritization of Needs and Action Plan - Includes a list of accomplishments from the previous Master Plan as well as a priority list of needs ranked in order of importance and a time frame established for when these needs will be met.

Open Space & Trails Master Plan 13

City of DeSoto - 2020 Parks, Recreation,

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