Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan

02 - GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Goals and Objectives

The 2020 Master Plan will establish new goals for the system that support and complement the existing goals of the 2011 plan. It is important to keep working toward past goals along with expanding needs. Previous goals are summarized as follows: • Create a user friendly Master Plan; one that is revisited annually with realistic development objectives • Improve communication/ citizen input; by involving youth, senior, etc. groups in discussions and identifying the needs of the citizens • Cost effective park development; create a realistic plan that is based on the current and projected economic situations of the city • Recreation activities that meet our needs; expand recreational activities and the continued development of the trails system . The following goals and objectives were developed within this Master Plan update. The following chapters support the creation of these goals: Goal 1 – To create an attractive, accessible, and cohesive Parks System with exceptional maintenance and amenities • Expand the City’s parkland areas • Encourage partnerships with public and private partners and public and

private groups to expand parkland within in the city • Ensure all properties are being well maintained • Install amenities based on needs and community feedback


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