Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan


Likes and Wants

At the Public Workshop, attendees were asked to write down what they liked about the City’s Parks and Trails system and what they wanted to improve in the City’s Parks and Trail system. The following list was generated from their responses: LIKES

Walk/Bike Trails Baseball/Softball Fields Roy Orr Trail City Center Amphitheater Indoor Walking Track

Recreation Center Hours Organization Senior Citizen Areas Outlook for Master Planning Programming City Efforts to Improve Baseball Fields More Events Variety of Exercise Classes Security Around Fields Expansion Potential at Meadow Creek Park Daddy/Daughter Valentines Dance Parking Lot Canopy Area Tables/Chairs Lighting Hours Great Location for Parks Park on Pleasant Run Restrooms Serving Spring & Summer Months

Les Zeiger Park Senior Center Briarwood Park

Soccer Fields Moseley Park Safe Children’s Parks Ernie Roberts Park Open Green Space Basketball Youth Football Grimes Park Food Trucks BMX Meadow Creek Park


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