Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan


Throughout the plan development process the planning team met with the Parks and Recreation staff to insure direct involvement with the individuals who would be using the Master Plan. On June 14, 2019, the planning team joined the parks staff at their annual planning retreat for an update on the plan. Staff broke into four groups and defined departmental priorities for the future. Common themes included: • Special needs programs and facilities • Updates to existing parks • Trails and amenities

Takeaways: Group One:

• Parking at Meadow Creek • Moseley Park renovation w/ aquatics • Restrooms in neighborhood parks • Amenities along trails Group Four • New mowing contracts • Improve landscape standards • Parking at Senior Center • Park updates/replacing • Special needs playground • Expansion Senior Center • Create urban forestry manage - ment • Splash pad and new pool • Park signage • Pool renovation • New recreation center

• More special need programming • Accessible playgrounds • Bike trails • Art in the park

• New recreation center • Entertainment venue • Skate park • Aquatics • Theater upgrade • Indoor aquatic facility • Family oriented park • Larger recreation center • Amphitheater

Group Two:

Group Three:

• Update playgrounds • Lights Meadow Creek/Townsend • Fencing for back fields Grimes Park


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