Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan

04 - SITE AND FACILITY INVENTORY The following is an updated version of the 2011 inventory of the parkland managed by the City of DeSoto. While significant development on parkland has occurred, no new land acquisition has taken place. The City of DeSoto has a broad collection of park, special-use, and trail facilities to meet the recreational needs of the citizens. Currently, the City has 494 acres in 22 parks, trails, and recreational facilities. Some of the parkland includes undeveloped City-owned property that could be developed into park facilities. The location of each of the existing park, special-use, and trail facilities is located on the Existing Parkland Map on page 39 (Map 1), the Existing Trails Map on page 65 (Map 2), and the Existing Facilities Map on page 75 (Map 3). The City also offers recreational facilities at DeSoto Independent School District sites. Likewise, the Canterbury Private School and 5 different Homeowner Associations provide their own recreational facilities in DeSoto for everyone to use. Table 4.3 identifies each school district, private school, and HOA recreation site and the recreational amenities offered at each location.


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