Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan


Regional Parks Regional parks are large multi-use parks that serve several communities within a particular region. The regional park provides both active and passive recreation opportunities, with a wide selection of facilities for all age groups.

Special-Use/Linear Parks Special-Use Parks cover a broad range of specialized park and recreation facilities, often with a single major use. Golf courses, historical sites, community center sites, theme parks, water parks and other special use facilities fall into this category. These parks also include neighborhood or community park elements, but with amenities that have a regional appeal to visitors from outside the boundaries of the city. Because special-use parks vary by size and type from city to city there is not a specific recommended level of service.

NRPA Recommended LOS 2017 Population Estimate 2016/2017 Target LOS 2016/2017 Provided LOS:

8 Acres for every 1,000 resident



176.14 acres

2030 Population Projection: 2030 Projected Target LOS


600 Acres

Windmill Nature Preserve

Grimes Park


City of DeSoto - 2020 Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails Master Plan

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