Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan


Operation and Maintenance Cost With the recommendations of new or improved park facilities comes the necessity of operation and maintenance; for example, the implementation of an indoor aquatic center would require considerable maintenance and staff appropriate for the facility to function. These factors should be considered at all stages of development so that proper funding is available. This can be an achievable goal with the proper support and apparent public enthusiasm for such a complex. The development of any facility requiring some level of operation and maintenance cost should be carefully considered and achievable; otherwise it should not be built. Funding Strategies for Recommendations This Parks, Recreation, and Open-Space Master Plan has several recommendations to improve and create recreational spaces in the City of DeSoto. Once completed, these recommended improvements represent a substantial public investment in parks,recreation, and open-space as the City grows and develops. The various sources of funds for these improvements are as important as the diversity of those sources. When there are several sources of funds for implementing this Master Plan, then no one source is over-burdened, and the Master Plan has a better probability of being successfully implemented. General Fund This source of funding is supported by ad valorem tax revenues and is generally the primary source of funds for maintenance and operation of the existing park system. The general fund is also the source for projects requiring smaller amounts of capital investment. Although projects funded by this source make a small annual contribution to the expansion of the park system, analysis over a number of years usually reflects a major accomplishment in improvements to the park system. It is important to include funding for on-going maintenance and staff requirements for new developments and improvements. Private/Public Partnerships This source of financial assistance would usually come from a citizen, organization, or business which has an interest in assisting with the development of the park system. Land dedication is not an uncommon occurrence when property is being developed. The location of a neighborhood park within a residential development offers additional value to residential units within that neighborhood, especially if the residential development is occupied by younger families with children. Once property is acquired through this method, the City should be prepared to improve the facility for use within a reasonable length of time.


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