Make your last wishes known

TALK AND PLAN It’s important to make your last wishes known to family members, including the matter of organ donation. A general dis- cussion about death could be the starting point for creating a website in your me- mory, or a book or video about your life; all are modern and lasting ways to say good- bye and tell your life story. Funeral arrangements can be made to en- sure that your wishes are followed when the time comes to commemorate your life. By paying the funeral expenses in advance, you avoid shifting the financial burden of your decisions to your loved ones. It’s one more proof of your love for them.

Unfortunately, we never get to know exactly when our time will come. That is why it’s so important to tell your loved ones what your final wishes are, no matter how old you are, but especially if you’re elderly. Death can be a rather difficult and unplea- sant subject to deal with, and you might be inclined to leave it up to your loved ones to decide what they want to do after your death; after all, you won’t be around to see what happens. However, not expressing your last wishes leaves your loved ones to struggle with the many difficult decisions that arise around funeral planning. Visita- tions or not? A simple or elaborate ceremo- ny? What type of reception? Flowers, or in memoriam donations? And added to the

burden of their grief is the mat- ter of having to pay for all these arrangements.

Let your loved ones know about your last wishes in order to lighten their burden.




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