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composition assessment! Our InBody Assessment Equipment goes beyond weight to measure how much lean mass you have in each body segment. Additionally, it measures total body water and fluid distribution. Body composition (percent fat and lean) reflects the results of both physical activity and nutritional practices. Body weight alone can be very misleading. The scale cannot tell the difference between a pound of fat and a pound of muscle. Over time, people tend to gain fat and lose muscle without an obvious change in their weight. Even though we need a certain amount of fat in our bodies to ensure good health, excess body fat has been found to increase the risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. On the other hand, too little body fat can also pose a number of health risks, especially for women. Only by accurately measuring body composition do you learn the amount of fat and lean tissue that makes up your weight, enabling sensible decisions regarding nutrition and exercise programs. It’s the best way to get the “whole picture” of what’s really going on in your body. Individual Analysis


DCRC FITNESS AND WELLNESS OPPORTUNITIES The DCRC has a class or service to help you start a fitness program, update your current program or provide one-on-one training. Many of our fitness attendants have completed or are pursuing degrees in the health and exercise industry. Please note the DCRC fitness floor is not equipped as a powerlifting or CrossFit ® facility. FITNESS ORIENTATIONS A fitness attendant provides individuals or groups with general information about fitness floor policies and how to use the exercise equipment. Fitness orientations are dependent on staff availability and are free to DCRC members. Appointments are made by scheduling with a fitness attendant at the DCRC or by calling 614.410.4550. If you are interested in developing a personalized fitness program, you may be interested in engaging with a personal trainer. SENIOR ADULT FITNESS ORIENTATIONS Regular exercise is important for the physical and mental health of everyone, including older adults. Exercising regularly can produce long-term health benefits, improve the health of older adults living with disease or disability, and help maintain independence. A Senior Fitness Orientation will provide individuals or small groups an introduction to the fitness floor, an opportunity to learn specific recommendations and benefits of exercise for older adults, and a chance to become familiar with various forms of exercise to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. Senior Fitness Orientations are dependent on staff availability and are free to DCRC members. Appointments are made by scheduling with a fitness attendant at the DCRC or by calling 614.410.4550..

$25 for DCRC Members $35 for non-members $50 for DCRC Members $70 for non-members

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Healthy Fall 2021

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