The VenoArt National Loving Day Auction

Love is in the Air and VenoArt has caught the breeze!! VenoArt is an online auction house focused on art. Our team of graphic designers, curators, bloggers, and, of course -- artists -- engages painters, printmakers, photographers and sculptors from across the globe. We showcase them on our website and hold frequent auctions of their work. We promote and support them, driven by our mission of “Art Without Borders.“

VenoArt’s collection is wide-ranging, from emerging artists to world masters. It includes donations from the Khonsary family, in memory of their late father. These works are specially curated by the family to promote artists and talent in distance areas.

The holiday that we most associate with love or loving is Valentines Day. Of course, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, even the 4th of July are about love. But this June, VenoArt will host an auction in honor of National Loving Day. Named for Mildred and Richard Loving, whose marriage in 1958 broke Virginia law since they were of different races. June 12 is that day celebrated in the United States and other countries to honor the 1967 Supreme Court ruling that struck down laws in many states that prohibited couples of different races to marry. If you would like to help celebrate this special day, join Venoart online for its first annual Loving Day Art Auction. It will be held June 11th. 2PM. EST. The VenoArt team partners with artists and children’s charities to raise funds to promote children’s health and artists liveli- hoods. We eliminate the middle man so you can purchase what your heart longs for even on a budget. If you love art and you love love----then join VenoArt on June 11 as we celebrate Loving Day. The VenoArt National Loving Day Auction

Veno Art & Auction Team:

• Shahrzad Nakhostin: Auction Creative Director, Veno Art Founder • Deborah L. Trent, PhD: Publicity, Web Content, Charities Communication • Susan Khonsari, PhD (Philosophy), Arts and Culture advisor • Bahar Ahmadi: Head of IT • Sebastien Roblin: Press Releases and Social Media Messaging • Judy Furnish: Educational consultant, Blogger, and Speaker • Erin Jones: Educational consultant, Blogger • Shahram Karimi : Art Advisor/Germany & NY • Hossein Khandan: An award winning Iranian-American writer/director/Public Figure • Shahriar Khonsari, PhD: Art Advisor • Reza Doust : Art Advisor/Arab region & Middle East • Hossein Amirrezvani: Art Advisor/France • Valentina Gioia-Levy, Art Curator & Advisor/Italy • Alexandra Razumovskaya: Art Curator/Soviet Union & post-Soviet region • Hamid Aminifar: Art Curator/Turkish region • Ali Yazdi: Curator/Afghanistan

• Edelquinn N.W. Shiko: Curator/Kenya • Tabitha wa Thuku: Art Advisor/Kenya

Volunteer and Business Sponsors

• The Law Office of Oliver Edwards,LLC • Lawrence M. Raigrodski CPA • Razumovsky.Corporation • Dive Studio (Dr. Ramsha Shafa)

Cover: VenoArt Creative office


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