The VenoArt National Loving Day Auction

Artist: Daisei Terazono Born in Kumamoto, Japan in 1987 Completed graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2012 Studied mainly basic drawing and oil painting as a student. After completing the graduate school, he temporarily suspended his art activities and he resumed his activities in 2015 and has continued to paint portraits.He has held over 20 exhibitions in Tokyo, Kumamoto, and New York until 2023 and also sells his artworks to collectors all over the world through online sales.Although his style continues to change, his approach of capturing the “essence of human nature” remains unchanged. Statement: It depicts the nature of people caught between fear of death and anxiety about life, two emotions inherent in human beings.

Artist: Daisei Terazono Excellent / 2018 / Framed Title:Shell 80 x 65 cm Lot: 374 Starting bid: $4250 Japan


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