The VenoArt National Loving Day Auction

Artist: Daniel Gibert Perez I am an artist based in Barcelona, Spain. My works are part of figurative minimalism. I seek to communicate ideas, feelings, and emo- tions with the minimum possible elements. I seek to express deep ideas through flat colors in compositions where the human being is a simple spectator. I am fascinated by the sea, the sky, and the light of the Mediterranean. My paintings seek to express the admiration of man against nature. My desire to transmit a mixture of calm, reflection, and respect for the environment. I seek to create works that are calm, pleasant, honest, and quick to understand. Statement: The “happy solitude” consists of being alone voluntarily and finding satisfaction and fulfillment in that specific situation. Unlike unwanted or forced solitude, happy solitude is a conscious and deliberate choice, where a person seeks moments of isolation and reflection to enjoy his or her own company. Artist: Daniel Gibert Perez Oil on Canvas Title: Happy Solitude 38 x 32 x 1.3 in Lot: 106 Starting bid: $1300 Barcelona, Spain


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