The VenoArt National Loving Day Auction

Artist: Ivan Canas, was born in Caracas and living in Merida, Venezuela, is a cartoonist, graphic designer and Sociologist, graduated from the Central University of Venezuela. He began his artistic work as a cartoonist in Caracas in 1990, participating in various newspapers in the capital, such as “El Nacional”, “El Diario de Caracas” and “El Globo”. In 1997 he moved to the city of Merida, capital of the Merida State, where he continued his work as a cartoonist, in the “Educere” magazine of the School of Education of the Universidad de los Andes. In 2008, he took a turn in his artistic work, beginning to paint in a self-taught way, until, through disciplined and constant work, he dis- covered a passion for abstract painting, which was immediately recognized in the artistic medium for its quality in handling of technique, color and composition. Ivan Canas today has excellent and meticulous work, which has allowed him to participate in various exhibitions, both individual and collective.

Artist: IVAN CAÑAS Acrylic on canvas, made with spatula, brush and cloth/Framed Title:Untitled Size: 25.8 x 33 x 3.3 cm Lot: 6120 Starting bid: $300 Venezuela


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